Website access speed and security

Website access speed is generally related to server performance. Factors such as response speed, location, bandwidth, website code, website content, and security are related. The following optimizations are generally possible.

(1) Select a moderately configured server. Shopify itself provides servers, and sellers do not need to consider configuration.

(2) Optimize the server response speed. Unless there are too many apps installed, Shopify is responsive enough.

(3) Optimize the server location. Shopify has deployed server nodes all over the world, mainly in Europe and the United States.

(4) Optimize the bandwidth of the server. Shopify has sufficient bandwidth and CDN (Content Delivery Network) acceleration, so it is generally unnecessary to consider

(5) Optimize website code. Unless you install too many applications, Shopify’s code efficiency is also relatively high.

(6) Optimize website content. Sellers can speed up access by compressing website images, etc.

(7) Optimize the transaction security of the website. Shopify provides SSL security certificates by default.