Shopify Store Website Content Optimization Strategies

Create a content strategy

What keywords or phrases might customers use when searching for your product before buying? Create quality content on a regular basis around these keywords or topics to make your presence more visible to potential customers.

For example, if you sell sneakers, you might consider blogging around topics like “Fitness starts with running,” “Sports equipment shopping tips,” and “Are sneakers the lighter the better?”


Make sure every page of your website contains at least 250 words of descriptive text

Search engines like Google crawl and index web pages based on their description content. If you don’t include enough text (and the corresponding keywords) on your pages, it will be difficult for you to rank better for those keywords, so make sure every page of your site contains at least 250 words of descriptive text.


Try not to duplicate content

For example, if your site has multiple pages with the same product description, it is recommended to use canonical tags on those pages. DH SEO can scan your website for duplicate content and prompt you to make changes.

Write unique product descriptions

The reason is as mentioned in the above article, the content on the website is best written by yourself with unique copy. For example, do not use product descriptions provided by the manufacturer. These are the same content, which is not conducive to search engine indexing.


Consider adding product reviews to your product pages

Not only does this add some content to your product pages, but you can also use long-tail keywords to improve the rankings of those pages.


Set page redirection

Don’t delete pages without setting redirects. Even if you want to remove a delisted product, you need to set up redirects for these pages first, only in this way can the indexed pages be redirected directly. If you don’t know the destination of the redirect, you can jump directly to the website home page.