How to optimize Shopify website navigation?

Website navigation is the website column, the goal is to clarify the content structure of the website, guide users to jump between the content pages of the website, and let users quickly find the corresponding content. In addition, website navigation also provides search engines with access to various pages of the website, thereby making it easier for search engines to crawl page content.


The display position of website navigation on the website is generally at the top and bottom of the website. The navigation name should use text to make it easier for search engines to identify and transmit weight. Website navigation in the form of pictures, animations, JS code, etc. is generally not conducive to search engine crawling.

Website navigation has a relatively high weight in the website, so category keywords are generally used, and navigation URIs can also use keywords. If the keyword is more than one word, then “-” should be used as the connector to achieve descriptive URL and SEO friendly. In addition to using category keywords, sellers can also use the weight of navigation to use the main product as a navigation to quickly improve the ranking of the main product.

Sellers can also set up breadcrumb navigation on the content page to help users identify the location of the current page on the website. The breadcrumb navigation is in the form of Home>Category>Pages, which is generally displayed under the navigation at the top left of the page. The breadcrumb navigation can effectively reduce the bounce rate, increase the number of internal links on the website, and improve the user experience.

Shopify’s default template doesn’t come with breadcrumbs, and sellers can add it in the Liquid template, open the template code, and create a breadcrumbs.liquid file in the Theme subdirectory.

Save it after editing, and then use {%include’breadcrumbs’%} to reference the code in the template code where the breadcrumb navigation needs to be called.

Plus, Shopify supports adding tags to products. Sellers can flexibly use product tags to achieve a variety of navigation methods through tags, thereby effectively increasing page views and reducing page bounce rates.

The above is about how to optimize website navigation. To learn more about Shopify SEO, please follow DH SEO to learn more!