Shopify error page setup and page redirection

Page errors are generally divided into server errors and web page errors. Error codes starting with 5 represent server errors, and error codes starting with 4 represent web page errors. For sellers, there is generally no need to worry about Shopify server errors. For webpage errors, 401, 402, and 403 errors are generally access errors caused by permission settings, and 404 errors are common errors that sellers can handle.

A 404 error refers to an error that is fed back to the user when the web page does not exist. The Shopify template provides a 404 page display by default and provides navigation back to the home page.

This type of error is generally caused by visitors still accessing the page through search engines, external links, etc. after the product is taken off the shelf and the content is deleted. Sellers can use detection tools such as DH SEO– Broken Links to detect all the links on the website.


For the detected dead link, the seller should deal with it in time. You can submit it to Google so that it will no longer be indexed; you can also do a redirection so that the user can visit the page you want the user to browse.