Why should we do URL optimization?


What is URL optimization?
URL (web address) is one of the important components of a website. Long URLs over 128 characters not only make your site appear cluttered to your customers, but also hinder Google’s search as each page is crawled, resulting in poor SEO rankings. URL optimization actually refers to optimizing the URL naming rules, pseudo-static and URL lengths of all pages in the website, so as to be more friendly to search engines and conducive to search engines crawling.

How to do URL optimization?
1. URL static
Static URLs are good for search engine crawling, and use 301 for some necessary redirects.
2. The length of the URL
More than 40 characters are not recommended. According to research, short URLs have twice the click-through rate of long URLs. Therefore, we should try to convert long URLs into short URLs.

How can DH SEO URL Optimization Tool help you?
DH SEO URL Optimizer is a great Shopify app that converts dynamic page URLs and long URLs in your store into static short URLs that are good for Google indexing and user experience. You can generate short URLs one by one or in batches, saving you valuable time. Short URLs can not only improve Google rankings, increase user click-through rates, but also improve user experience.

Which pages of your store can DH SEO URL Optimizer optimize?
DH SEO URL optimization tool can automatically generate the URLs of all store detail pages such as product detail pages, product series detail pages, blog detail pages, and store pages with one click.