Shopify SEO Tools : Detailed DH SEO Tutorial

How to get your website to show up in Google Search? How to get your website to drive more organic customer traffic through Google?

Via DH SEO optimization, you can quickly and efficiently realize Shopify store SEO optimization, and show your website in front of more users!

DH SEO is a multi-type SEO application that can automatically optimize the content, URL, internal and external links, tags and thesaurus of Shopify stores. DH SEO tools can ensure that your store fully complies with the Google search engine algorithm, thereby increasing your store’s inclusion, improving your store’s keyword ranking, and bringing more natural search traffic to your store. In a word, through SEO application, SEO optimization of Shopify store can be realized quickly and efficiently.

Next, let’s learn the use of DH SEO together.

Installation of DH SEO

You can directly search for “DH SEO” in the Shopify app to find the app, or you can click here to enter the home page, and then click “Add App” .


The use of DH SEO

installation , first there is an app bootstrap page. You can click and operate according to the instructions on the page.

DH The functions of SEO mainly include: intelligent SEO, URL optimization, Alt optimization, category management, 4 04 optimization and store map functions. Let’s take a look at each of these product features.

 1.Daily SEO

In the daily SEO, click on the whole site diagnosis, after the scan is completed, there will be a detailed SEO scan report, pointing out what the current store SEO problem is, and telling the user which part of the store should be optimized. This can provide users with clear SEO optimization guidelines, ensuring that the website gets higher rankings on Google search engine and gets more organic search traffic.

 2.Smart SEO

Smart SEO can automatically generate the Title Tag and Meta Description of the page, so that the meta title and meta description tags of all pages can be easily updated to make it more in line with Google search engine specifications.

1 ) Batch edit SEO

Meta tags (meta title and meta description) are important information for search engines to read and understand your store page. In batch editing, you can automatically add Meta tags to several elements of homepage, products, product series, blogs, blog posts and pages according to your own needs .

2 ) Manual edit SEO

On this page, you can perform SEO meta tag optimization for individual products/product families/blog posts/pages. The smiley face status on the right can remind you of the SEO score of the content of the page, and you can make corresponding optimizations according to the tips of the content SEO scan.

 3.Image optimization

Find the image optimization function in the menu bar on the left. We can Alt-optimize images for products, collections, and blog posts. On the right is the image compression function. Too high image quality will affect the overall loading speed of the website, and will also directly affect the results of SEO optimization. Therefore, in addition to adding the Alt attribute, we can optimize the quality of the image as needed.

After selecting the rules that determine image alt text, click Save to begin automatic optimization. If you need to modify the Alt of a content image individually, you can click Modify below. If you want to undo the operation of automatic optimization, you can select the content option to be undone and click “Restore All” (Note: The original image can be restored within 120 days after saving).

4.404 pages

When a user visits a page that does not exist on the website, the server usually returns a 404 prompt . On the other hand, the 404 page on the website will signal to the Google search engine that there is a problem with your store, thereby reducing the ranking of your store content in the Google search results, and the 404 page will also affect the user experience.

By using the DH SEO 404 optimization tool, you can automatically detect 404 pages that your store cannot access . We can redirect 404 pages to customized pages through 404 page management, or we can automatically detect and automatically redirect to the page you set with one click through the DH SEO 404 optimization tool.

5.URL optimization

This function of URL optimization refers to optimizing the URL length of all pages in the user ‘s store through our application . Short URLs can not only improve Google ‘s ranking and user click-through rate, but also help improve user experience. Through the URL optimization function of DH SEO, the long URL in the user ‘s store can be set to a short URL that is conducive to Google e ‘s inclusion.

URL optimization can automatically generate URLs for all store detail pages such as product detail pages, product series detail pages, blog detail pages, and store pages with one click , thus saving your precious time to a great extent.

6.Store Map

store map is the basic content of store SEO optimization, and the store map can help the Google search engine to browse your Shopify store. DH SEO automatically generates HTML store maps by providing an easy way to choose which pages to put in your store’s map. You can customize which pages to put on the store map through the store map manager, thereby improving the indexing and ranking of your website .