The importance of page redirection for Shopify store optimization

404 or the page Not Found prompt means that the server cannot return the corresponding web page normally when the user is browsing the web page . If a product on your Shopify website is removed from the shelf or the product is migrated to a new page, and the user clicks on the old link, a 404 error will appear, and the possibility of customer loss is extremely high.

Not only that, but 404 pages in your store will signal to the Google search engine that there is something wrong with your store, thereby lowering the ranking of your store content in Google search results, but 404 pages can also affect the user experience.

Generally speaking, the following three situations are most likely to cause page exceptions:

1.The website page or product has been migrated to a new page or the product has been removed from the shelves

2.Permanent domain name transfer

3.The page content is expired, page 404


For page errors, we need to redirect these pages on Shopify:

1.Log in to the Shopify admin, select Online Store > Sitemap

2.Click “View URL Redirects” in the upper right corner

3.Fill in the old and new URLs in the corresponding locations

4.Click Add


DH SEO, an SEO optimization tool, can directly and automatically detect the 404 pages that your store cannot access, and then redirect these pages to your customized pages. The easiest way is to use the DH SEO 404 optimization tool to automatically detect and automatically redirect to the page you set with one click.

Fixing 404 page errors not only improves your store’s Google search engine friendliness, but it also avoids missing out on in-market customers. Shopify ‘s small partners must pay attention to it.