The impact of structured data on SEO

What is structured data

Structured data can help Google to include more specific information about your website pages and help Google present our pages in a richer variety of forms in search results. For example, the image is what the page shows when I search for sport shoes in Google, and the structured data is in the red box.


Why add structured data

Structured data optimization is helpful for increasing website traffic. Pages with structured data added will have the opportunity to display richer content in search engine result pages, thereby gaining more traffic.


How to add structured data

1.By adding code by yourself (requires a certain technical foundation)

2.Implemented through SEO tools (recommended, simple and convenient)

DH SEO has this function and can achieve it.


How to validate structured data

Enter the Google Structured Data Validation Tool:

It should be noted that when you add structured data correctly, Google does not necessarily guarantee display. Google’s search algorithm is changeable. It will determine search results based on search addresses, devices, etc., and will match users with the most suitable search results according to its own algorithm. When Google thinks that your page directly displays ordinary blue links More appropriate, structured data will not be displayed. For example: the content displayed by the structured data is not the main content of the web page, and Google will consider the structured data to be misleading; the rich media search test does not detect errors in the structured data, etc.