The application of meta tags in SEO

Before discussing meta tags, let’s first understand the composition of a web page: the title of a web page is composed of words and phrases, and the description of a web page is composed of sentences or paragraphs and rich media. So, what are meta tags? Where does it exist on the web page and what role does it play?

what are meta tags

Meta tags (including meta title and meta description) show how your page appears on search engine results pages so that people tend to click through. The meta tag is located in the head tag of your HTML file, we can view the webpage code by the shortcut key CTRL+U.


The role of meta tags

Meta tags are important information for search engines to read and understand website pages. Search engines do not use meta descriptions as a ranking factor. However, if your meta description includes a user’s keyword, Google will bold it to grab their attention, which is why it’s crucial to have these small HTML snippets on your website pages.

How to optimize meta tags

First of all, we should analyze the target customers of our shopify independent station and refine accurate keywords. Combined into the homepage title and meta description, this is what Google searched the site to display for customers.

It is recommended to use tools for intelligent optimization. Search for “DH SEO” in the Shopify App Market for a free trial. Intelligent SEO will automatically generate the Title Tag and Meta Description of the page, so that the meta title and meta description tags of all pages can be easily updated to conform to the Google search engine specification. You don’t have to add manually, you can batch edit Meta tags with just a few clicks, which can save you a lot of time from spending your precious time on SEO techniques.


Intelligent SEO automatically optimizes the Meta tags of all pages of your store with one click to ensure that your store meets the Google search engine algorithm! Automatically generate Title Tag and Meta Description. Increase your page CTR and bring more organic traffic to your store!