Link building

Rather than simply drawing results by keyword, the Google algorithm believes that the highest quality information could be found if webpages were given “authority” the same way academic papers are given authority, based on the number of citations they receive. Except in this case, citations are known as backlinks.See more about SEO.

While there are hundreds of other factors used in their algorithm, Google uses the number, quality, and relevancy of links to judge a site’s quality and trustworthiness. New websites, as a result, have less authority in the eyes of search engines. While time can fix this, building quality backlinks can help Google recognize your authority faster.

Respected .com sites and .gov and .edu sites will provide the most authority when they give you a backlink. Starting with .coms is probably easiest.

One of the best ways to approach building links is to focus on partnerships. Determine what other related websites you can provide value to. Guest posts, for example, can be a great way to build backlinks, provided the content is relevant and gives your audience and your partners’ audience real value. You can analyze competitor backlinks on Ahrefs as a simple way of finding relevant sites in your niche.

Another way you can build backlinks is through press mentions. Building a press list or hiring a PR firm can be expensive, so here is a simple growth hack anyone can do.

Be weary of backlinking services. They can sometimes try and sell backlinks based on quantity rather than quality and that can hurt your site.