Why do Shopify independent stations do SEO

In the previous section, we talked about what SEO is, and today we will discuss why we should do SEO for our own Shopify independent site.


Among Internet applications, the utilization rate of search engines ranks second

According to the survey, Google accounts for more than 80% of the global search engine market share, which can be described as a traffic giant. In terms of user usage of various applications, search engine usage ranks second.See more about SEO.


Traffic sources of independent sites: search traffic and direct traffic together account for nearly 80%

The ” 2021-2022 Cross-border Export E-commerce Growth White Paper” revealed that search traffic and direct traffic accounted for nearly 80% of the total traffic sources of independent stations.


The main source country of traffic from independent stations – the United States

Also according to the ” 2021-2022 Cross-border Export E-commerce Growth White Paper”, the main source of traffic from independent sites is the United States .


SEO is cost-effective

Google Google as the world’s largest search engine, its own huge traffic . Although SEO is relatively slow, after doing it, it can provide long-term traffic relatively stably , and it is cost-effective.


SEO exposure is time-sensitive

Different from SEM (Search Engine Marketing), the exposure of SEO is usually effective for a long time . As long as you are ranked on the result page by Google, you will usually not be removed by Google in a short period of time , and the traffic will be stable after ranking optimization.


Accurately reach the audience

Users from search are actively looking for your website and the products and information on your website. The target is very precise and the conversion rate is high. A website that has been optimized for SEO can have the opportunity to obtain top rankings , so as to obtain more high-quality customer resources.


To sum up, we can form the following SEO conversion funnel: The first step, through SEO optimization, can show more site content in front of search users . In the second part, by optimizing the product title description, it can better meet the needs of users and increase user clicks. The third step, professional online customer service, friendly user experience, to promote user consultation and purchase. Finally, through data operation, control the marketing conversion rate in every linkSee more about SEO.


Now you should have a deeper understanding of what SEO is. In the next installment, we will start to learn some basic theories of SEO. If you are interested in our content, remember to subscribe to our column, and welcome to discuss more SEO-related knowledge with us. See you next time!